契約者は(1) 当社が所有・保有しているデータのコピー防止コードの解読、
(2) 個人的利用目的以外での「サービス」上の題材の使用、
(6)ストリーミング配信動画の保存、デジタルコンテンツを保護するために施された技術的措置を回避 ・無効化すること、

Thank you very much for using HBC.

In the following, we will inform you of prohibited actions.

Let’s all stop illegal downloads and uploads!

Prohibited Activities

he contractor shall not engage in the following actions, which are strictly prohibited:
(1) any action that is designed to crack the anti-copy code of any data owned or held by Hinako Bondage Clinic,
(2) the use of material on the Service for any use other than your private, personal use
(3) any action that causes or results in any losses or damages to Hinako Bondage Clinic or any third party,
(4) any action that violates the standards and laws of the community in which you live regarding sexually-oriented media,
(5) any action that obstructs the normal utilization of Internet and/or telephone connections to the public,
(6) circumventing or otherwise nullifying technical measures put in place by Hinako Bondage Clinic for the purpose of conserving and protecting streaming-based videos,
(7) or any other action which is determined to be improper by Hinako Bondage Clinic.